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Those who have trouble breathing, often from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), have cause to celebrate. Ongoing studies have shown acupuncture can help reduce its symptoms, as well as work to lower one’s struggle with the sickness overall. Japanese researchers who have performed a number of tests on patients of different ages and levels of COPD found overall positive results.

Smoking and Other Toxins

Learn the benefits of acupuncture treatment for COPD.
There are benefits of acupuncture treatment for COPD.

To date, it’s believed COPD is most often caused by smoking or exposure to toxins, which can bog down the lungs and make it difficult to breathe. Over time, those toxins build up, creating more work for the already struggling lungs. While steroids and other types of breathing treatments have shown some signs of success, they must be done on a regular basis and don’t always provide the same levels of results.

How Does It Work?

With acupuncture for COPD, however, patients have seen longer results, even with fewer treatments. The act is performed by strategically placing needles into the patient’s skin – on pressure points or other areas of focus. During this process, stress is reduced, circulation is improved and pressure points are able to heal various parts of the body, just through the use of needles.

With acupuncture treatment for COPD, doctors agree it’s a safe practice. It has been used in Japanese cultures for decades, without the risk or side effects of new medicines or controversial treatments.

Real Results 

Try acupuncture for COPD symptoms.
Have you tried acupuncture for COPD?

In a recent acupuncture study, doctors split patients into two groups. One group received acupuncture treatments, and the others received a placebo version of the treatment. After 12 weeks, the two groups were tested. Those who had acupuncture showed significant improvements, while those who had the placebo version still suffered from their COPD symptoms. While there is more to be learned about the correlation between acupuncture and COPD, the test results concluded acupuncture can help many who suffer from COPD.

Are you ready to learn more about acupuncture and how it can work to naturally improve your daily habits, as well as your health? Contact us for more information. We are helping COPD sufferers in the Scarsdale, New York, area breathe easier!

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