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Diet pills; fad diet plans; infomercials touting the benefits of expensive exercise gadgets. If you have tried them all and continue to be flummoxed by your inability to lose weight, you should know three things. First, you are not alone. There’s a reason supposed diet aids and fitness gadgets flood the market. Millions of people desperately want to lose weight but can’t seem to meet their goals. Second, your excess weight may be as much a function of the emotions trapped in your mind as it is the foods you put into your mouth. Third, if you haven’t tried acupuncture for weight loss, you’re missing out on a tool that could make all the difference.

How Can Acupuncture Aid in Weight Loss?

Ask yourself, "can traditional acupuncture work for weight loss?"
Can traditional acupuncture work for weight loss?

Chinese medical practitioners believe excess weight results from an imbalance in the spleen and liver energy pathways in the body. When the nerves and hormones are imbalanced, the pathways become blocked. These blockages manifest as stress, anxiety and depression. What happens when you feel stressed out, anxious or sad? If you’re like many others, you eat in an effort to flood your body with feel-good endorphins that are blocked by imbalances. Acupuncture for depression and anxiety clears those blockages and alleviates negative emotions. With the negativity released, cravings for food to drown out the negative feelings subside.

What Happens to the Body When Cravings Are Controlled?

Acupuncture for weight loss can be effective.
Have you considered acupuncture for weight loss?

Odds are when you have a craving, it’s not for fruits, vegetables or healthy grains. More likely, you crave sweet, sugary snacks or salty, fried, fat-laden foods. Not only does eating these foods inhibit healthy digestion and cause you to gain weight, it creates a domino effect. The more you eat of these nutritionally void foods, the more you want to eat them. Curbing your cravings is the first step toward eliminating the unhealthy emotions that drive you to overeat and gain weight.

Are You Ready to Sculpt the New You?

If the number you see when you step upon the scale doesn’t please you, you’re not alone. When traditional weight-loss programs fall short, contact us at Eastern Wellness Acupuncture. We have been the trusted source for White Plains acupuncture for weight loss for yearsm and we look forward to helping you succeed in your own weight-loss journey. If you wonder, “Can traditional Chinese acupuncture work for weight loss?” There’s one way to find out: try it and see for yourself!

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