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Preparing to face the prospect of surgery can cause a great deal of anxiety, not to mention any pain that may accompany the recovery. Acupuncture treatment can greatly benefit your mental and physical health before and after surgery. Here are some of the advantages of making acupuncture a part of your pre-surgical and post-surgical plans.

Relax before surgery with acupuncture for stress and anxiety.
Acupuncture for stress and anxiety can help before surgery.

Immune System Boost

Since it’s important to be in your best possible health before as well as after surgery, incorporating acupuncture therapy can build up your immune system leading up to the date of your procedure. It can also improve your likelihood of recovering more quickly.

Decreased Stress

When thinking about an impending surgery, even the most courageous among us can become anxious. Scheduling acupuncture for stress and anxiety a week or more prior to your procedure will relax you and help you sleep better.

Post-Surgical Pain Reduction

While you are recovering, having post-surgical acupuncture pain management can help you get up and about more quickly. Pain medications can cause side effects like nausea, or they can cause you to have an allergic reaction. Acupuncture helps lessen the pain after surgery so you take less medication.

Decreased Inflammation

If your post-operative area shows signs of being inflamed, acupuncture can alleviate the swelling. Acupuncture treatment post-surgically can help make you more mobile and assist you in managing your pain.

Get pain relief after surgery with acupuncture pain management.
Acupuncture pain management can help after surgery too.

Healing Scar Tissue

Acupuncture treatment after surgery can loosen up scar tissue and promote healing, which will help improve movement, resulting in less pain. This treatment can aid in decreasing the forming of adhesions, reducing scarring as the body recovers. Additionally, post-operative treatments to scars can also help in recovering feeling in the surgical area more quickly.

Getting Some Rest

After your surgical procedure, it is essential that you get the rest you need to properly recover. Scheduling acupuncture for stress and anxiety can promote relaxation and improve your sleeping patterns, giving you plenty of time to recuperate.

If you or someone you know is planning to have surgery soon in the Scarsdale area of New York, contact us at Eastern Wellness Acupuncture. We can answer all your questions regarding how our acupuncture techniques can benefit you both before and after your surgical procedure.

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