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If you’re a runner, you’re part of an elite club that takes fitness seriously. When you rely only upon your body for exercise, you’re placing much stress upon it. Running is excellent for your health, but overdoing your training or using improper form often sidelines runners. Fortunately, acupuncture for running injury treatment is an effective, natural way to alleviate pain and encourage healing.

Do These Injuries Sound Familiar?

Recover with acupuncture for running injury treatment.
Acupuncture for running injury treatment can help you recover.

Runners not only share a love for pounding the pavement and staying fit, but they also share a proclivity for suffering from the following sports injuries:

  • Glute Imbalance. Because you expend an excess of forward momentum as you run, your lateral glutes don’t get much action. These muscles stabilize the pelvis. Inactive lateral glutes cause the femur to angle forward during running, which can damage the hips and, subsequently, cause knee and foot pain. Just one acupuncture session can reactivate the connection between glutes and brain and restore hip stability.
  • Inflammation. It’s easy for overzealous runners to overdo it. Injuries from overuse result in painful inflammation surrounding the Achilles tendon or IT (iliotibial) band. Acupuncture’s wire-thin needles penetrate inflammation to relieve it and promote healing.
  • Tendonitis. This common runner injury results from overtraining. Tendons are made of collagen fibers. Overtraining or improper running form can cause collagen fibers to compress and scar. Acupuncturists can actually target a pressure point associated with optimizing the health of all tendons in your body.

Why Is Acupuncture So Effective in Treating Sports Injuries?

Get back into running with sports injury treatments.
Sports injury treatments can help you get back to running.

Acupuncture needles are hair-thin so an acupuncturist can pinpoint the exact trigger points in a body associated with a specific muscle or body part. If you suffer from runner’s knee, an acupuncturist can zone in on that particular part of your body to provide relief. If you rely on prescription medications, your entire body is affected. Acupuncture treatment has no unpleasant side effects because it is so highly specific. For thousands of years, acupuncture treatment has been the go-to treatment of choice in the East. Now, athletes around the globe have access to this effective, safe treatment.

Could You Benefit from Sports Injury Treatments in New Rochelle?

Whether you compete in marathons or are training for your first 5K, as a runner you are more prone to develop certain injuries. Don’t let these injuries sideline you for long. Contact us at Eastern Wellness Acupuncture. We are your skilled source for Scarsdale acupuncture treatment for sports injuries and much more. We’ll help you get relief so you can get back to doing what you love!

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