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Cancer treatments can have many negative effects on your life, but in the end, the pros far outweigh the cons. However, this doesn’t mean you need to suffer all the consequences without help. In fact, traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment in Westchester County could be the solution you’re looking for. Many individuals have sought acupuncture in Dobbs Ferry and the surrounding areas to help them relieve some of the negative effects of breast cancer treatments.

Pain Reduction

Breast cancer patients can benefit from acupuncture.
Acupuncture can have positive effects for breast cancer patients.

Breast cancer treatments can result in a lot of pain for the patient, whether it’s due to surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. While medication is often prescribed to help with these symptoms, the negative effects of chemicals in the body can be compounded by the reduced immune system response. Acupuncture treatment in Westchester County can help with joint pain and other types of pain often associated with these treatments without the need for medication.


Another common side effect of breast cancer treatment is nausea, which can make it extremely difficult to eat properly. Because a good diet is essential to healing from these treatments, traditional Chinese acupuncture is often used to alleviate nausea. In addition to fighting nausea related to surgery and chemotherapy, acupuncture can also help battle the feelings of fullness and tightness that also accompany cancer treatments.

Other Negative Effects

Breast cancer patients can benefit from traditional Chinese acupuncture.
Traditional Chinese acupuncture can provide relief for breast cancer patients.

Because breast cancer treatments often target the entire reproductive system, many women also experience symptoms similar to menopause, such as hot flashes. Acupuncture has been found to reduce these symptoms in cancer patients, helping them feel more normal and creating an overall feeling of wellness. In addition, acupuncture treatment can help patients relax while they receive other treatments, which will have a positive effect on how well these treatments work, giving patients a higher chance of success.

Going through breast cancer treatments can be a trying time. In order to help women feel better during and after these treatments, traditional Chinese acupuncture can be used in conjunction with many of the commonly used treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation. The overall goal is to help women feel better and ensure they have the strength they need to fight the battle that lies ahead.

If you’re undergoing breast cancer treatments and are interested in acupuncture in Dobbs Ferry and the surrounding towns, contact us. Eastern Wellness Acupuncture can provide relief from the symptoms you experience in relation to your treatments.

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