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Infertility issues are stressful enough, but compound them with the fact traditional treatment isn’t always successful, a couple can quickly become frustrated, overwhelmed and oftentimes feel like giving up. Many people think after treatments like IVF or hormone treatments, there’s nowhere else to go. However, can acupuncture help fertility? Many women and men would be surprised acupuncture treatment for infertility in Scarsdale, NY, is highly effective. Read to learn how acupuncture can work to increase fertility.

Reducing Stress

While there are many complex reasons for infertility in men and women, added stress from not being able to bear children can in fact further complicate fertility issues. Stress can affect hormone levels, which can impair a woman’s ovulation or lead to spasms in the uterus and/or fallopian tubes. With men, sperm counts can drop dramatically. Therefore, acupuncture can actually increase fertility by reducing high stress levels. Simply put, when a couple is more relaxed, the chances of conception can increase.

See an acupuncture clinic for help with infertility.
An acupuncture clinic can help with infertility.

Increased Blood Flow

For many infertile men and women, they may have poor circulation to their reproductive organs, which can prevent them from bearing children. The needles from acupuncture can help stimulate certain trigger points that can aid in an increase of blood flow.

Endocrine System

The endocrine system is responsible for the glands that produce critical hormones, which are responsible for reproduction and sexual function. Once again, the power of acupuncture can help correctly balance an imbalanced or poorly-functioning endocrine system to increase the chances of having a baby for both men and women.

Clash of Eastern and Western Medicine

While seeking treatment in a Scarsdale acupuncture clinic can greatly increase your chances of reproduction, it’s important to know this treatment should be combined with standard infertility treatments for the best results. When acupuncture is combined with treatments like IVF, or in vitro fertilization, fertility rates can increase by up to 15 percent. The acupuncture can be performed both before and after IVF. In addition, unlike the harsh western style of fertility treatments, acupuncture produces little to no side effects for patients.

If you or your partner are having trouble conceiving, acupuncture may be a life changer in addition to your other infertility treatments. Contact us to find out how acupuncture can help you conceive.

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