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Addiction is a disease, and it’s one of the most difficult to treat. Many sufferers relapse time after time. Many of the most renowned U.S. addiction treatment centers have already discovered the healing power of using acupuncture for addiction treatment. Unfortunately, not all people who suffer from debilitating addictions have the resources to travel to a distant recovery center and pay thousands of dollars for room and board. Fortunately, you can pursue ear acupuncture for addiction in Eastchester, NY. Local help is available, and you can stay in the comfort of your own home as you recover.

What Is Ear Acupuncture?

Recover more easily with acupuncture for addiction.
Acupuncture for addiction can help you recover.

An acupuncture practitioner targets specific nerves, also called points, in the body associated with whatever ailment a patient has. A hair-thin needle applied deeply into these points releases energy blockages and restores balance to an otherwise skewed energy field. Chinese medicine recognizes the ear as a roadmap of the body. By targeting a precise point in the ear through auricular (ear-related) acupuncture, practitioners can achieve whole-body results by focusing just on a small but powerful body part (the ear.)

How Does It Work?

There are five ear acupuncture points the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) recognizes as critical for ear acupuncture to treat addiction and boost the odds of lasting recovery:

  • Obtain many benefits from ear acupuncture for addiction.
    Ear acupuncture for addiction can provide many benefits.

    Kidney. The kidney detoxifies the body, provides energy, boosts willpower, and calms fear. It is a critical acupuncture point for treating addiction.

  • Liver. When energy fields in the liver are out of balance, aggression and anger set in. Pinpointing this energy field calms feelings of rage recovering addicts often feel.
  • Lungs. Sadness occurs when energy points in the lungs are blocked. Once an acupuncture needle releases this blockage, patients are free to experience clarity and optimism once again.
  • Shen Men. In Chinese, this means gate to the spirit. This point relieves anxiety and calms nerves. Being nervous and anxious are symptoms of substance abuse withdrawal.
  • Sympathetic. This nerve area is associated with pain; an acupuncture needle floods a patient with relief.

Where Can You Go for Acupuncture Treatment in Eastchester?

Addiction is a disease. When traditional therapies and counseling haven’t helped, make a smart decision and discover how acupuncture for addiction can alleviate cravings and lead to lasting recovery. For hundreds of years, millions have relied on this proven, natural treatment approach to heal many ailments. Contact us at Eastern Wellness Acupuncture to begin your own healing journey. We offer Eastchester acupuncture treatment and will show you firsthand acupuncture is a truly life-changing treatment.

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