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Try traditional Chinese acupuncture for pain relief.
Traditional Chinese acupuncture can relieve your pain.

It seems as though many doctors too quickly prescribe medications or suggest surgery to help patients overcome pain, when there are some effective alternatives that date back thousands of years. These options eliminate pain without the introduction of man-made chemicals or the long recovery process surgery often requires. Traditional Chinese acupuncture for pain relief has proven to be one of the best natural options.

Recent Studies

While anecdotal evidence has long proven the benefits of acupuncture for chronic pain, today’s patients want concrete scientific proof before they undergo any type of treatment. For this reason, many scientists have conducted studies that look at the benefits of acupuncture and whether the overall effect is psychosomatic. In these studies, needles are often purposely misplaced to determine the efficacy of exact placement. While misplaced needles still show improved results over no acupuncture treatment, treatments of acupuncture for pain relief have shown powerful results, giving patients confidence in these treatments.

The Chinese perfected acupuncture for chronic pain.
Have you considered acupuncture for chronic pain.

How Does It Work?

Those who don’t truly understand traditional Chinese acupuncture often wonder how a series of small needles you can barely feel can provide relief from chronic pain. The answer is simple. Acupuncture for pain relief focuses on specific pressure points that have been connected with pain receptors in the body. The small hair thin needles don’t cause pain, but the results are often astonishing. Placing precise pressure on the appropriate points can correct imbalances in the flow of energy through the body known as qi (pronounced as “chee”). This is why acupuncture and fertility treatments often go hand in hand. When done correctly, acupuncture can eliminate chronic pain.

When you suffer from chronic pain, seeing the doctor is important to evaluate the root cause of that pain. For many patients, seeking Western medicine isn’t always the best option. In fact, those who are interested in acupuncture for pain relief often realize the effectiveness of these treatments in eliminating pain without the need for surgery or medications. Trying traditional Chinese acupuncture could lead to relief without resorting to more medication or undergoing painful surgery with long recovery times.

If you are interested in trying acupuncture for chronic pain, contact us. Our acupuncturists understand the value of this treatment and can provide the relief you need.

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