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At Eastern Wellness Acupuncture, we strive to help women address many conditions and health concerns. Below are some examples of disorders that can be effectively treated by acupuncture.













Menstrual Cycle Related Conditions:
–          premenstrual syndrome
–          painful menstruation
–          amenorrhea (no menstruation)
–          excessive uterine bleeding
–          irregular menstruation (late or early cycles)

Gynecological Related Conditions:
–          vaginal discharge
–          fibroids
–          cysts

Urinary Conditions:
–          urinary tract infections (UTI)
–          excessive urination
–          incontinence

Hormonal Conditions:
–          thyroid related disorders (hypothyroid, hyperthyroid)
–          pituitary gland related disorders

(Peri) Menopause:
–          night sweats
–          hot flashes
–          low libido
–          mood swings

Fertility and Postpartum Conditions:
–          infertility
–          nausea in pregnancy
–          insufficient lactation
–          lactation cessation
–          postpartum depression


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