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Acupuncture is a holistic approach to your health. If you are feeling ill, it provides identification and healing of the illness. Acupuncture therapy can reduce your pain, prevent future discomfort and help you maintain good health. It is successfully used to treat many physical and mental issues, including gastrointestinal diseases, pain management, gynecological disorders, post-operative healing, managing stress, weight loss and quitting smoking. Acupuncture can help you be feel energetic and mentally clear, as well as improve your circulation and the function of your body’s organs. It can also decrease swelling and help in detoxifying the system.

The Traditional Chinese Approach to Acupuncture

Have you wondered "how does acupuncture work?"
How does acupuncture work?

The concept behind the Eastern approach to acupuncture is that your body has energy flowing through it known as Qi, which you pronounce “chee.” This Qi can be affected through the stimulation of particular points on your body, which are found on energy channels called meridians and linked to all of your main organs. There are fourteen of these meridians, and in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine, if there is a blockage or imbalance of Qi in any one of these meridians, you can become ill.

When you come in for acupuncture for pain management, for example, the techniques used in your diagnosis will include:

  • Observing the patient
  • Asking the patient what their symptoms are
  • Asking the patient about their lifestyle and emotions
  • Physical examination of any tenderness you are experiencing

The Western Approach to Acupuncture

Learn how acupuncture for pain management can help you.
Acupuncture for pain management is quiet effective.

If you are new to acupuncture, you may still be asking, “But, how does acupuncture work really?” Acupuncture stimulates particular points on the skin, promoting physical and chemical changes in your body for the needed result. Needles are inserted at these points to increase blood flow to the affected area, which induces healing and helps muscles relax.

Treating these acupuncture points stimulates the nerves and transmits signals that cause the release of endorphins, a natural pain-killer in your body, essential in the therapy of acupuncture for pain management. The chemicals released by this process promote relaxation, as well as control your serotonin, which can help in the treatment of depression since this is your body’s natural mood booster.

If you would like more information on acupuncture therapy, contact us. At Eastern Wellness Acupuncture, serving the Scarsdale, NY, area, we can help you with a plan to restore your body to good health.

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