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Does the hot humid weather bother you (feel more tired, body feels weighed down/ achy, feel depressed/down, headaches)? Does the cold bother you? Do you feel bloated or tired after you eat? If the above symptoms apply to you, acupuncture can help!

One of the most common diagnosis my patients come in with is arthritis and chronic inflammatory conditions. They suffer from all types of pain (neck, knee, back, etc) and discomfort (migraine, IBS, etc) especially before it rains or when it becomes extremely cold. Some people are even able to tell if it will rain or snow because that’s when they start to feel achy and can sometimes develop severe migraine.

There are many different patterns associated with arthritis or most commonly known as Bi syndrome in Oriental Medicine, but in the tri-state area, most people suffer from Damp Bi Syndrome (This is just one of the many patterns associated with Bi syndrome: Wind, Cold, Heat and Damp) In Oriental Medicine, damp bi syndrome is painful obstruction due to an external pathogenic factor ( in this article dampness) which affects the circulation of the qi and blood which later can result in the disruption of nourishment to sinews leading to numbess and weakness ( Musculoskeletal Disorders: Healing Methods from Chinese Medicine, Alon Marcus). To simplify, dampness is humidity inside your body which can be from birth, or through environment (external factors). When the humidity rises outside, it joins with the humidity inside your body and weighs you down. When its cold, dampness inside your body congeals and the joints in your body stiffen which can cause achiness and pain. Humidity and cold can cause migraine by causing pressure on your head. Acupuncture can help by draining the dampness and can improve the blood circulation.

After treatment, patients release dampness through sweat, defecation, and urine. Depending on the individual, results can be immediate or can take up to 3-5 treatments (if you suffered decades, it will take a little longer). Acupuncture treatment helps the body go back to its healthy balanced state.

Originally Published in Natural Awakenings
Westchester, Putnam, & Dutchess NY Edition
September 2015 /Mina Park Pyun

Mina Park Pyun is a licensed acupuncturist and the owner of Eastern Wellness Acupuncture, 83 Montgomery Ave., Scarsdale, NY.  For an appointment, contact her at 914.472.6688 or

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