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Surgery is a significant health event that can affect both the mind and body. Regardless of the type of injury or disorder that is surgically treated, acupuncture can be an effective post-surgical rehabilitation treatment. It can be used to relax the mind and body from the stress, anxiety and nervousness that may have been caused from the surgery. This can help promote the healing process by putting the mind and body into a correctly balanced state and strengthening the immune system.

Post-operative pain can be reduced which can also reduce the amount of medication that may be needed to control pain or inflammation. Scarring, both internal and external, can also be reduced through certain techniques, which can have the beneficial side effect of improved mobility and less pain. All of these advantages, combined with adequate rest and recovery time, can help speed your recovery and improve your mental health as well as your physical well-being.

As a complementary treatment to physical therapy after a sports-related or other physical injury, acupuncture can help athletes and patients return to normal activity with greater speed and ease than with standalone therapy.

Please call or visit us to discuss the ways that our acupuncture techniques and treatments can help improve your post-surgical recovery.

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