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Treatments involve the insertion of hair-thin, sterile, single use needles into specific locations of the body. Acupuncture points are selected based on your symptoms and may be local to the affected area as well as in other areas of the body. Acupuncture always aims to address the condition requiring treatment while also addressing any underlying conditions your acupuncturist may diagnose. Needles are retained usually for 20- 30 minutes depending on your condition. Acupuncture helps the body to return to a balanced state. The treatments can be effective for many inflammatory, immunological, neuropathic and vascular disorders as well as musculoskeletal conditions. Acupuncture helps to improve sleep, digestion and is a natural way to manage stress.



Cupping may be considered an alternative to a deep tissue massage. Vacuum created inside the cups causes underlying tissues to be sucked inside. By this mechanism, skin and muscle tissues are lifted, creating more space for new and fresh blood to enter the area. Promoting circulation in the area helps relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The dark circles on the skin that may be a result of cupping are considered toxins released from the tissues and brought to the surface to be cleared. The more stagnation in the area, the darker the spots after cupping may be.

Here at Eastern Wellness Acupuncture, we use suction cups, where the vacuum is created with the use of a pump. Cups may be left on the skin – stationary, or moved on the skin – sliding cups.

Cupping relieves pain, promotes circulation, relaxes tight muscles, decreases inflammation, clears toxins and contributes to the overall sense of wellbeing.



Similar to the principles of cupping, Guasha is a traditional way of treatment by stimulating the surface of the skin and releasing tissue, increasing blood circulation in the treated area. Massage oil is used to decrease skin resistance before using guasha tools. Guasha can be used to treat cold, flu, respiratory disorders or muscle pain.


Facial Acupuncture

As Chinese medicine always treats the whole person, facial acupuncture addresses the whole body with a special focus on the face. The tiny needles used in the treatment of wrinkles cause micro injury to the skin, which encourage the body to produce more collagen and increase blood circulation in the area of insertion.  As a result, wrinkles soften and diminish, and the skin appears smooth and firm with more vitality. Series of 12 treatments are typically recommended once a year, although patient may choose to schedule additional treatments once a month as a form of maintenance.

Additional techniques can be used during facial rejuvenation treatment such as facial massage, gentle guasha or cupping. Some dietary recommendations according to Eastern nutrition principles may be suggested as well.


TUI NA – Chinese manual therapy

Tui Na is a form of therapeutic massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is often used in treatment of injury, trauma and variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Tui Na uses the same approach as acupuncture. It utilizes channel theory and acupuncture point location for treatment. Tui Na is sometimes compared to deep tissue massage, but can also be used in its gentler form to treat fibromyalgia, internal issues and even pediatric population.


Eastern Nutrition

Traditionally, foods were consumed according to seasons and constitution, for prevention or healing. Foods are categorized according to their taste and temperature and are usually incorporated to the daily diet in small amounts. While some foods may be better suited for your current condition, the golden rule always applies: “Everything in moderation”. Balanced diet is as important as balanced lifestyle. An acupuncturist may recommend foods based on body’s constitution or to provide support for the body according to its current needs.


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