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Stroke occurs when blood vessels bleed or become blocked, which prevents the brain from communicating with part of the body. Paralysis and difficulty swallowing, speaking and moving are common side effects of stroke. Fortunately, there is hope for stroke patients who suffer from lingering effects: acupuncture for stroke treatment.

How Does Acupuncture for Stroke Work?

Consider acupuncture as a treatment for stroke.
Acupuncture is a viable treatment for stroke.

Stroke side effects result from loss of circulation, and acupuncture is especially helpful in restoring circulation. Acupuncture opens blood vessels so blood can flow more freely. This reduces inflammation and the risk that blood clots will develop. Just as traditional doctors may use different medications to treat patients, acupuncturists may use a combination of therapies to treat stroke patients. In all cases, the practitioner will insert hair-thin needles into specific points in the body, and most patients report they can barely feel them being inserted. A huge benefit of acupuncture is its potential side effects are far fewer than other treatment options.

Typically, when treating stroke symptoms, an acupuncturist likes to see a patient three times per week for a duration of two to four weeks. With the exception of patients whose stroke resulted from a brain bleed rather than clot, acupuncturists say the sooner a patient begins treatment, the better the outcome will be. However, patients whose strokes stemmed from brain bleeds should wait to begin acupuncture treatment in Westchester County until the bleed has completely cleared.

Is This a Fad or a Real Treatment?

Recover faster with acupuncture for stroke.
Acupuncture for stroke can help you recover faster.

In China and other parts of Asia, acupuncture is the go-to treatment for a vast number of ailments, including stroke symptoms. Studies published in China, Japan, Scandinavia and the United States confirm stroke patients who receive acupuncture retain more mobility, improve more quickly, require less rehab and nursing care and enjoy a significantly better quality of life than patients treated solely with traditional rehab methods. Acupuncture is slowly gaining credence in the West. Both the United Nations World Health Organization and National Institutes of Health endorse it as an effective treatment for disabilities stemming from stroke.

Where Do You Find an Acupuncturist?

If you are looking for acupuncture treatment for stroke in New Rochelle and the surrounding areas, we invite you to contact us at Eastern Wellness Acupuncture. Because acupuncture for stroke is only recently catching on in the West, it can be difficult to find a practitioner to perform this acupuncture treatment in Westchester County. We provide a full range of acupuncture therapies, including stroke therapy.

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