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Acupuncture Treatment

Your Body’s Meridians: An Introduction to Acupuncture’s Healing Philosophy

The body contains numerous pathways through which your life energy flows. If these pathways become blocked, you can experience a number of issues with the way your body works. This …

Acupuncture Treatment

6 Ways to Take Care of Yourself After Your Acupuncture Treatment

After you’ve visited your provider of acupuncture treatment in Westchester County, there are things you should to maximize the positive effects of your therapy. Don’t worry, your acupuncture aftercare regimen …

Acupuncture Treatment

How the Practice and Science of Acupuncture Traveled from East to West

Most people are aware acupuncture treatment has its roots in ancient Chinese culture. However, this leaves many people to wonder how Chinese acupuncture came to Westchester County and other areas …

Acupuncture Treatment Allergies

Studies Show Acupuncture Can Bring Relief from Allergies

Pollen counts are on the rise, and more individuals are suffering from allergy symptoms as a result. While many people are reaching for allergy medication, there are natural remedies for …