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Whether you are a busy professional with a high-stakes job or a stay-at-home mom, you are surrounded by stressors on a daily basis. Traffic, deadlines, responsibilities, commitments…it’s enough to make you want to shut down. However, stress actually has the opposite effect, triggering physical reactions in your body. It makes your muscles tense up, your breathing quicken, your heart race and your stress hormones surge. Over time, the cumulative effects of stress can have serious repercussions on your overall health.

What Is Chronic Stress?

Relieve your symptoms with acupuncture for anxiety.
Acupuncture for anxiety can help relieve your symptoms.

Simply put, chronic stress is stress that doesn’t go away. Stress triggers your fight-or-flight reaction, which in turn, causes the adrenal gland to release the stress hormone, cortisol. When you’re chronically stressed, your body is always on “high alert.” The symptoms manifest in measurable physical ways, including teeth grinding, high blood pressure, excessive sweating, rollercoaster weight gain, sexual dysfunction, chest pains and more. All of these symptoms are problematic, but some, especially high blood pressure, can be life threatening.

Stress Has Physical and Mental Repercussions

Anxiety is the close relative of stress. When you’re stressed, you also become anxious. You may worry excessively, feel unusually sad or sensitive and experience insomnia because your mind is racing. Insomnia, in turn, has negative effects on your body and mental state. In other words, chronic stress sets off a domino effect of troubling mental and physical issues.

Acupuncture for Anxiety: Effective and Cost-Effective

Reduce stress headaches with acupuncture for stress and anxiety.
Acupuncture for stress and anxiety can reduce stress headaches.

In Western countries, many people suffering from chronic stress and anxiety fail to seek relief because they believe expensive and time-consuming therapy and medications with unpleasant side effects are their only options. There’s another option that has been available for centuries but has only recently become widely accessible in Western countries: acupuncture for anxiety. Using acupuncture for anxiety is common in China and the East. Fortunately, it is gaining a broader following thanks to numerous studies that show it works. Unlike antidepressants and anxiety drugs, it has few, if any, side effects.

If you are looking for acupuncture for stress and anxiety in Port Chester and the surrounding areas, we invite you to contact us at Eastern Wellness Acupuncture. Stress takes a major toll on your well-being, but acupuncture in Westchester County is an option that can help.


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