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Chronic heartburn, flu and frequent colds are ailments that have multiple causes but one of the most pervasive is stress and anxiety. Chronic stress and anxiety jumpstarts the production of cortisol and corticoids, which in excess, impair the immune system. Stress hormones, plus the adrenaline your body already produces, overload the stomach with acid. Anyone who dismisses chronic stress as a simple fact of a fast-paced life is putting his health at risk.

Chronic Stress Manifests Itself in Many Ways

Feel better with acupuncture for stress and anxiety.
Acupuncture for stress and anxiety can help you feel better.

You may think while the aforementioned ailments seem bothersome, they can easily be treated with over-the-counter medications, that isn’t the case. Heartburn can lead to ulcers, and flu can lead pneumonia. Beyond that, stress also causes high blood pressure. The more stress and anxiety you’re under, the higher your blood pressure and the higher your risk of cardiac arrest. Ever heard the phrase “serious as a heart attack?” That’s how serious chronic stress is to your health.

Natural Stress Relief Options

Alleviate your stress at an acupuncture clinic.
An acupuncture clinic can help alleviate your stress.

You may be reluctant to take prescription medications to alleviate your anxiety. That’s understandable because they have serious side effects. The best way to combat chronic stress is to remove its source, but sometimes that’s not possible. If the source of your stress is your job or boss, spouse or children or financial trouble, you can’t remove the problem. You can learn to better cope with it. Exercises like yoga or even walking can help alleviate your anxiety. Another lesser-known natural stress relief option is acupuncture. This therapy has been used for hundreds of years to combat a variety of ailments in Eastern countries. Why is it so popular? Because it works. Fortunately, acupuncture for natural stress relief and other problems is gaining acceptance in the West, albeit relatively slowly.

Stressed Out Westchester County Residents? You Are in Luck! 

While the United States has come a long way toward embracing acupuncture as a proven way to alleviate chronic stress, gastrointestinal problems, pain and even infertility, acupuncturists are still few and far between in many parts of the country. The good news is there is an acupuncture clinic serving Westchester County, and it’s run by a highly skilled and trained pro. Eastern Wellness Acupuncture specializes in acupuncture for stress and anxiety in Hartsdale and the surrounding towns. We invite you to contact us to begin your healing journey.

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