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Relax with acupuncture treatments.
Acupuncture can help you relax.

Stress is a serious problem for a large majority of Americans. Many sufferers will look to their physicians or therapists for help dealing with stress only to be sent away with prescriptions for medications that may be highly addictive or have unpleasant side effects. If you are suffering from daily stress and need help relaxing, acupuncture treatments are a great way to relax without harsh side effects.

Stress and the Body

When we experience stress, we produce hormones and neurochemicals to help us deal with a stressful situation by triggering the flight or fight response. This response is regulated by our brains and adrenal glands.

This fight or flight response is incredibly important. It motivates us to take action to protect ourselves from danger. It is an instinctual response, which means it happens without you knowing it, and it is a short-term reaction to a life threatening situation; however, because many of us do not take enough time to relax, our fight or flight responses can become chronic, leading to elevated stress hormones in the body. This leads us to become tired, stressed and worn thin.

Use Acupuncture treatments for depression and anxiety treatments.
Acupuncture treatments can resolve some mental health issues.


Acupuncture for depression and anxiety is a way to release these stresses and help chronically stressed patients relax. Not only is acupuncture treatment already relaxing, but it has also been proven to reduce stress, depression and anxietyin patients receiving treatments on a regular basis.

What to Expect

Patients should expect to receive regular treatments in order to see a reduction in their symptoms. When using acupuncture for depression and anxiety, your practitioner may recommend some lifestyle changes, such as improved diet, regular exercise, meditation or therapy. Acupuncture treatments usually include six to 10 weeks of daily treatment, followed by treatment every two weeks. It is important to keep up with your appointments to experience the full benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about using acupuncture for depression and anxiety, contact us. Our licensed and certified staff is ready to help you live a happy, stress free life!

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