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There are many factors that can be associated with being overweight, including poor eating habits, unbalanced energy, lack of sleep, physical inactivity, medical conditions, genes and age among other things. Carrying excessive weight or dealing with obesity in particular, poses several risks to one’s health such as high blood pressure, increased stroke risk, risk of heart failure, increased cholesterol levels, type 2 diabetes and more. Losing weight can be a difficult task which is why many people seek medical advice on weight control and weight loss issues.

In addition to the notion of looking better, losing weight can have many positive effects on one’s health including lower cholesterol, healthier blood pressure and less pressure on joints in the back, knees, hips and feet. Each of these examples can contribute to a better quality of life with a reduction in the future risk of associated medical problems.

Coupled with a healthy diet, specific and targeted acupuncture treatment can help with weight loss and subsequently improve your mental and physical health. Our treatments are targeted towards balancing hormones in the body which serves to reduce cravings and regulate fat storage and metabolism. In addition, digestion is aided by balancing the entire organ system and promoting harmony throughout the body.

Please call or visit our office to discuss the many ways that we can help you with your weight loss program and put you on the right path toward physical health and harmony.

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