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Seek relief from acupuncture for chronic pain.When you come for your initial appointment, you will be asked series of questions about your complaint as well as overall health, health history, Western medicine diagnoses you are treated for and current medications. Your acupuncturist may look at your tongue and feel your pulse to gather additional information. Treatments consist of inserting hair-like sterile, single use needles into specific points. Acupuncture points are selected based on your symptoms and may be local to the problematic area as well as distal to it. Acupuncture always aims to address the condition at hand while also addressing any underlying patterns your acupuncturist may diagnose. Needles are retained usually for 20 minutes depending on your condition.

Initial treatment at Eastern Wellness Acupuncture is usually 60 minutes to allow time for your acupuncturist to ask all the questions and provide treatment. Follow up treatments are typically scheduled for 45 minutes.

For acute and some chronic conditions treatments 2-3 times a week may be recommended initially. Since acupuncture has cumulative effect, you may be able to space your treatments to 1 time a week or less, depending on how you body reacts to acupuncture and how fast you are recovering. Typically acute conditions improve relatively quickly while long term chronic issues will take longer to resolve. Additional modalities may be used for your condition along with acupuncture, for example application of heat, cupping, electrical stimulation or Tuina (Chinese manual therapy). Your acupuncturist may also provide you with some nutritional recommendations according to Eastern nutrition principles as well as lifestyle changes suggestions.

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